5 Best Antivirus Software for 2017

They say that “patience is a virtue” but does it really apply when we talk about technology? Nobody wants to browse the web with a very slow internet speed. Nobody also wants to open a program and waits for it to operate from one mouse click to another. Because we want to deliver a very satisfactory output, we wish for a speedy computer system and internet connection all at once. Computer viruses do a lot of nerve wrecking jobs such as eating up files, popping out unnecessary windows (messages), damaging computer applications which ends up to slowing down the system’s performance.


Here are the five most picked antivirus software that will surely work for you and your business. Carefully read their features to help you choose the best fit to assist you in achieving your goals this 2017.


  1. BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2017


This virus defending software has been one among the favorites of all antivirus users since its coming. Aside from it being affordable, it is also very accurate in cleaning and is bundled with other equally useful features such as a password manager, web browsing security and strong defense from hacking elements.


The software protects you and your computer by screening all downloads and warning you from illegal activities such as phishing and other forms of hacking by blocking dangerous sites and other threats.


  1. Avira Free Antivirus


Avira is my top favorite ever since I was introduced to antivirus software. It is free making it the most liked feature of this powerful tool. Don’t fret because it may be free but it does serves its purpose. Unlike other free antivirus software, this one does not affect the speed of your computer system. It only does its job – carefully and accurately. It has a user-friendly interface and cleans smooth and fast.


  1. Kaspersky Total Security


If you are looking for something for everyone – from individual users to big businesses, Kaspersky Total Security is one great choice. It has almost all kinds of protection. You get your browser protected, your login details are secured and you can log in to your finance accounts anytime in one click without worries. Take note that the screen of the antivirus software goes orange whenever there are problems and stays green when your computer is well. Wait, there is more! It also comes with an online backing up software and is also compatible with iOS and android.


  1. Norton Security


Symantec never failed to offer something unique to its patrons. Norton was designed to protect you from dangerous activities of web phishers and hackers who intend to steal your data through viruses. Like most antivirus software do, it has a password manager tool and browser protection that scans data before downloading to your computer. Now, for the record it also has a defragmenter and File Cleanup to keep your computer’s performance at its maximum level.


  1. Avast Antivirus


Avast has a free antivirus software that is also loved by most consumers. Its consistency and reliability are one among the reasons why. If you need a free antivirus software that won’t affect your computer’s performance, Avast Free antivirus might be the one for you. You may also opt to enjoy its premium features by purchasing the paid version. It helps you detect program errors, risky browser plugins and duplicate passwords and could also check the other computers connected to your network for harmful viruses.


Protecting our computers and other devices from harmful threats are our main concern knowing that this technology – the Internet we are all working on and checking from has a lot of great help to extend but also full of dangerous stuffs to offer.