Compare 5 Of The Top Wireless Routers 

The birth of the internet service has provided us with easy access to a lot of things. It has also delivered the convenience to shop, work, play games, watch movies, stream music and more at our own homes and our own time.


At first, we didn’t care if it is a wired or wireless connection for as long as we have access to the World Wide Web. As businesses grow and as we upgrade our gadgets from a desktop computer to a laptop, tablet, netbook and android and iOS mobile phones, the need for a wireless broadband service arose.


To get the most out of our WiFi internet service experience, we wish to have the best connection that suits our budget and our actual needs. Here are the most commonly used wireless routers you can choose from for your broadband service based on what other users say about them.


  1. Apple Airport Extreme


For more than a thousand users who posted their personal reviews, this wireless router has caught the heart and trust of more than 90% of them. Its performance, reliability and ease of use are among the reasons why it is one of the best routers to pair with your Internet Service Providers.


The Apple Airport Extreme could handle all types of internet service at the same time. Employees could download and send data while printing documents, guests could stream music and movies while others could do their own thing without being bothered.

  1. Asus Dual – band Wireless AC-1900


Talking about stability and fast internet, Asus offers a WiFi Router to expand your broadband service experience. May it be a DSL Internet or a Cable Internet service, this router offers excellent performance to handle all your needs. Users are talking a lot about the how its antennas equally distribute the signal strength around the business area or the whole house.


  1. TP Link Archer C7


What about a WiFi Router that won’t hurt your budget but will help you maximize your Fiber Optic Internet connection? TP Link is here to solve the issue. It may worth cheaper than the others but it is not all about the price. It does perform great without trouble in all your internet surfing activities. Some users would compare it with other twice as expensive router which just sounds crazy. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to receive a branded chocolate when you only paid for a candy.


Using TP Link with the modem from your Internet Service Provider would give you a worthwhile experience. It is also proven operative with DSL Internet and Cable Internet services. Why would New York Times give it a “Best Router for Most People” title for no reason?


  1. Linksys AC1900


For multilevel homes or offices, Linksys gives you this WiFi router with four antennas engineered to ensure the widest coverage. The whole building will receive equal signal strength and speed no matter how far away the device is to the router. It has also a special feature to control and maximize the internet service in a certain room. For a worried parent, enjoy its parental control feature by blocking forbidden websites and setting password to a certain service. Aside from these characteristics, users also love its easy set-up feature and the speedy internet service it delivers.


  1. D-Link AC3200


So, here is the best shot for serious gamers and business owners offering computer gaming services. Earn your clients’ loyalty by giving them extra special customer service with the fastest internet speed they deserve. The D-Link AC3200 has been a dream come true to all gamers because it provides them with very satisfactory internet performance. Also, users boast the strength of the signal at any corner of the house. It doesn’t metal and aluminum obstructions inside the building. Its six beamforming antennas are surely the reason behind it.


Modems and routers have different uses. A modem usually comes in bundle with the internet plan from your Internet Service Provider. It carries the signal from them which you can distribute to your devices at home or in the office. If you intend to expand your broadband service around your building without availing for an additional plan, get a router that fits your purposes.